About us

Travel Menu Italy is the first promotional service in the world that selects and collects the best tour packages exclusively made in Italy and advertises them through the most effective tools, to make known abroad the countless beauties and experiences to be able to live in Italy.


The online platform Travel Menu Italy reaches the users of increasingly used and effective world wide web, on it customers can comfortably choose among the many alternatives available and buy securely travel packages in which they are interested.


Brochure, Posters and Flyers Travel Menu Italy are distributed in innumerable commercial and cultural Italian activities abroad, for example restaurants, bars, pubs, theatres etc ... marketing this service to those who love Italy and its products. 


We assist an innovative promotional service on our online platform.  Inside the commercial and cultural Italian activities abroad,  you will find a real Italian Touristic Menu from which you can choose from the many experiences to live in Italy.



Hello everyone I'm Alessio, I'll tell you briefly the path that led me to the ideation of Travel MenuI taly.

It all began in 2008 when driven by the desire to live a life experience abroad and fascinated by an important world capital, I moved to the city of London.

As so many other guys, I started to work in Italian restaurants as a waiter.

Whilst making a career in the restaurant business, I had the opportunity to know and stay in touch with many of you customers who share a passion for Italian cooking and the Italian territory.

Whilst serving you our specialties, we often started exciting conversations about the many Italian beauties,  you often asked me advice on places to visit and I gladly told you the story and the beauty of my beloved Naples, and of other beautiful places in Italy. This prompted me to find out more about special places in Italy and contact Italian Tour Operators, so that they could achieve for you customized travel packages in less known and not very publicized Italian places.

This initiative impassioned me and led me to want to know and share more and more the countless riches of my country. It led me to the  idea to specialize in the tourism sector.  I therefore  decided to attend a master in Rome, and had work experience in a leading Italian tour operator in the tourism sector, where I could put into practice the knowledge I acquired .When back in London, with this new wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, I started to create this online platform where to publicize, and finally give you the possibility to know and buy touristic travel packages, proposed by the best Italian players, expert connoisseurs of its territory and its beauty, making you experience the real Italy.


I will always be glad to serve you the best of Italy. Alessio.