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"Travel Menu Italy" offers the possibility to you customers to be in direct connection with the best travel experiences to live on the Italian territory, related to a place or a particular event, developed and realized by the best Italian operators in the tourism sector, experts and profound connoisseurs of its territory and its beauties.

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Furthermore, in the numerous restaurants, bars, pubs, theatres, beauty salons, and in the other Italian commercial and cultural activities in the main cities in England and especially in the city of London, as well as enjoy our lovely dishes, you can find brochures and posters "Travel Menu Italy" which will illustrate you the best Italian travel packages at your disposal.

To choose and buy, very simply, travel packages to whom you are most interested visit www.travelmenuitaly.it

On "Travel Menu Italy" you also have the possibility to formulate requests for personalized travel for your individual needs or group. http://www.travelmenuitaly.com/contacts

The most suitable among our tour operators, for the kind of experience or territory required, will process and send you a proposal for a trip with no obligation and no cost.