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Italy as we well know offers innumerable and various tourism experiences, and it is only thanks to you, Italian tour operators, experts and profound connoisseurs of your territory and its richness, that Italy welcomes each year about 50 million visitors from all over the world. You are the actors who play the starring role in the tourism sector and in the quality of what you have the burden and the honour to enhance and propose Italian territory in all its facets.

Demand towards “Minor Italy” by international tourists is increasingly on the rise, and this could translate in a potential exponential growth of our tourism sector if we manage to propose and to arrive abroad more and more many niche products we own, which are poorly advertised both in travel agencies on foreign territory, that hard to find on the web, where there are hundreds of websites often unclear and that do not offer concretely valid travel proposals, thus penalizing even quality sites

That is way "Travel Menu Italy" is born, the first online platform in the world which offers to you - Italian tourist operators - the opportunity to advertise direct abroad your best travel packages through the following advertising plan:  



"Travel Menu Italy" is present in the major social media - fb - twetter - instagram - you tube – with the realization of investments in advertising campaigns - video and photographic - directed to users who are interested in knowing and travelling and living experience in the Italian territory.

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"Travel Menu Italy" the first menu in the world of Italian tourism, which guarantees high visibility for your products arriving directly into the hands of potential customers in the numerous restaurants, bars, pubs, theatres, pubs, beauty centre, and in the other commercial and cultural Italian activities present in the main English cities, where clients will find "Travel Menu Italy" brochures and posters which illustrate the best packages created by you, incoming tour operators, and the necessary information to buy yours products.

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In the densely populated city of London the publicity is intensified by using a standard but efficient promotional tool. In addition to the distribution of "Travel Menu Italy" brochures and posters in approximately 1400 Italian activities, the platform and some packages will be advertised by distributing leaflets "Travel Menu Italy" on crowded city streets.

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These services will be soon extended to other countries in the world.